We missed you like crazy!

We are open!

We are SO excited to be able to serve you in person once more!  A couple important changes regarding attendance:

  • ALL AUTOPAYS WILL RESUME AS SCHEDULED as of 6/15/2020.  If you need to cancel your June autopay, please submit your cancellation notice NO LATER than 6/13/2020.
  • Due to limited capacity, ALL CLASSES now require online preregistration in order to attend. Click here to create an account!
  • Any cancellations made less than 2 hours before class time are subject to a $25 late-cancellation fee. This applies to ALL membership formats.
  • We ask that those on an unlimited plan limit their attendance to 2x per week so all can have space to attend.
  • Those visiting us with a Groupon MUST limit their attendance to no more than 1x per week for the months of June and July, no exceptions. We will extend your voucher so you will be able to use one class per week. Multiple reservations in one week using a Groupon will result in cancellation of all other reservations made after the first one made for the week.
  • All packages and prepaid unlimited memberships will be extended for the full 3 months of our closure.  Due to the high volume of clients, you may not immediately see your pass expiration extended.  Rest assured that we will adjust your account to reflect our 3 months of closure so you can experience the full length of your purchase.
  • We are not accepting ClassPass Students at this time.
  • All passes with an expiration will be extended for the 3 months past their original expiration, unless you have opted-in for online content.  The 3 month extension cannot be deferred.  All class packs with an original expiration that is after 3/16/2020 are now considered active and are not subject to additional extension due to voluntary non-attendance.

Your safety and quality of experience is important to us! Read below to find out more about what Y2 is doing to protect our Yogi CommUNITY!

We are not admitting any student or employee with a temperature of over 100.0 *F (37.8*C) 

If you have experienced any COVID-19 like symptoms, we kindly ask that you stay home and rest and return when you are well! We recommend wearing a mask when you are not on your mat or able to social distance.

We’re keeping the studio squeaky clean so you can leave your worries at the door and relax on your mat!

With all the windows and doors open, it almost feels like you’re outside (minus the scorching sun, of course!) You’ll be surrounded by fresh air the entire time you practice.

We’ve marked out the room to give all practitioners at least 6 feet of space on all sides to adhere to social distancing guidelines.


(now required for registration and attendance)

Please feel free to bring your own props from home!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation regarding this new policy. While we don’t really like having to put this policy into place, it’s unfortunately necessary with the capacity restrictions in place to be able to keep the lights on!