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We are the proud home of Shanti Shanti Yoga School, founded in 2008 by Alexis Kemp and Samantha Gallo. Shanti Shanti Yoga School’s Yoga Alliance certified 200-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Program surpasses industry standards and has turned out some of Orange County’s top teachers, including Y2’s owner and founder Casey Merkling, and many other teachers you will find on our schedule.  Shanti Shanti Yoga School’s integrative, balanced, and intimate approach to teacher training stands apart from any other teacher training in the area.  Our teacher training graduates exit our program ready to teach.  Shanti Shanti Yoga School is synonymous with professionalism, polish, and creativity within the greater Yoga Community.  Contact us at the studio for more information on how to apply.


The purpose of the Shanti Shanti Yoga School Teacher Training Program is to help cultivate and awaken the teaching spirits of our students through a positive, loving atmosphere. Through in-depth study of the practice of yoga, we provide quality instruction and guidance for each student to deepen their personal practice and find their individual expression as a yoga teacher. Shanti Shanti Yoga School sets high industry standards, exceeds Yoga Alliance guidelines, and prepares our students to serve as valuable assets to the yoga community.

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Choosing a teacher training can be a mind-numbing task, but the amount of consideration and research can either make or break your training experience. We suggest that you start with a few main things like location, cost, time and Yoga Alliance approval to sift through the piles of trainings. But beyond these factors, you may want to get to know the character of the training and other considerations. To help simplify your research on Shanti Shanti Yoga School, we have compiled this list:

  1. Practice Teaching Time – So many yoga certification programs neglect this key aspect of the training. Nearly each week will include at least 45 minutes of practice teaching time with your peers. This prepares the teacher trainee for the internship and applies the information learned. Graduates can feel confident in their teaching skills and start to develop their personal flair and style.
  2. Intimate Learning Environment – Our class sizes per training are limited to maintain an intimate learning environment. With large groups, trainees receive less personalized attention. We want our students to feel comfortable, so we make ourselves approachable and available for each person’s learning experience. We also have mid-training 2:1 (2 trainers: 1 trainee) dialogue sessions, so that each trainee can voice their concerns, expectations and challenges with the training process.
  3. Devoted and Experienced Faculty – Alexis Kemp, Casey Merkling, and Heather Drageset are here to serve you during your training process and after. Both serve as mentors for a large majority of trainees, unless requested otherwise. We build relationships with our trainees that last beyond the training. Our expertise is not only in knowing how to teach yoga, but how to train teachers too. We are patient, supportive, and motivating. We love what we do and it shows!
  4. Actual Studio Class Teaching Time: Our Teacher Trainees are some of the best out there, and it’s because they receive actual studio class teaching experience.  You will learn to flex your teaching muscle in Community Classes which provide a low pressure forum for you to explore your teaching style and show off the skills you learned in our practice sessions!
  5. Free Stuff – Who doesn’t love free stuff? Included in the cost of the training are ALL training materials, mala (prayer beads) and access to our extensive library of yoga books, DVDs and CDs.
  6. Opportunities to teach beginner students – With our close relationships within the community, we have established community classes that are available to each teacher trainee right after certification to teach true beginner students. This is a paying gig too – donation based!
  7. Relationships within the Yoga Community – Alexis, Casey, and Heather have established themselves within the yoga community as teachers for the past decade. They have taught in local gyms and studios and continue to make these connections for their students, setting up auditions and forwarding job opportunities.
  8. Organized and Clearly Guided Material – We are proud of our professionalism. We stand out from other trainings by using a PowerPoint Presentation and projector format, with clearly organized notes. Your learning experience benefits when you call upon visual, audio and kinesthetic tools. If you are still not sure, ask one of our graduates how they felt about the training. We are confident that you will receive quality training and preparation for your future as a yoga teacher.
  9. DISCOUNTED YOGA!- You know this was the one you are most excited about! All enrollees are able to practice at Y2 at a discounted rate of only $45/month Unlimited during the course of the training.
  • Varying Tracks for Differing Goals- We know not everyone joins a Yoga Teacher Training Program with the intention to teach yoga. Many times people join YTT with the intention to deepen their own practice, learn more about the philosophical side of yoga, or simply just because the LOVE yoga! We offer a Practitioner Immersion Track for just this reason.  This track has a slightly different curriculum than the Traditional Teacher Track and is offered at a discounted rate, but both meet all content standards required by Yoga Alliance.

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